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About Fairmont Heritage Place

It’s not about coming once a year; it’s about coming throughout the year.It’s not about passing through; it’s about returning home.It’s not about handing in the key at checkout; it’s about keeping the key and handing it down from generation to generation.

Fairmont Heritage Place is an luxury Private Residence Club offering all the benefits of owning your own vacation home, plus so much more:luxury amenities and the personalized world-class service that only Fairmont delivers.

Fairmont Heritage Place is truly a place where you belong.It is a community where you and your family will be welcomed by name time and again, where your every need is anticipated and met according to your preferences, where neighbours will become friends.This sense of "belonging" is established in several ways and extends throughout Fairmont Heritage Place as a private club and a residential community, as well as into Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.Fairmont Heritage Place offers all the pleasures and rewards of owning a spectacular vacation property without the many concerns and burdens of maintaining a traditional second home.Here, you gain singular access to an array of indispensable personal services and amenities.As an added benefit, you can exchange their interest in Fairmont Heritage Place for vacations at any Fairmont hotel or resort worldwide.

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Points of Differentiation

Fairmont Heritage Place offers all the pleasures and rewards of owning a spectacular vacation property, Four primary reasons make Fairmont Heritage Place best in class.

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